Our Company

Fundición Al3 S.R.L.

It is a family company dedicated to the smelter of aluminum alloys. Its founder, Juan Di Stanislao, in 1974 started his dream of an own company. After a few years his sons Julio Di Stanislao and Domingo Di Stanislao were incorporated providing greater dynamism and technology to it.

The company begins its activities in an area of 56 m2, in the street Benito Perez Galdos. In 2006 it moved its facilities to its current location in the street Jose I. Rucci 1853 Valentin Alsina in an area of 460 m2.

In 2011 extends the same to 1050 m2, with the necessary infrastructural capacity for work in low and high production, from 100 g. to 900 Kg. of weight, and many sizes.

The main objective of the company is customer satisfaction, through modern working techniques and the implementation of quality systems. Fundicion Al3 S.R.L., continues to provide its 40 years of experience with national and international industry in various ranges like oil, automotive, electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, modelística, food, decorative, nautical, rail, health, footwear, etc. With this smelting process: earth, bake sand, shell, shell molding and lost wax.